API Documentation

API Documentation

Send Message via SMS BulkSMS API

API Endpoint

URL: https://freebulksmsonline.com/api/v1/index.php
Method: POST / GET

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
number Yes Containing the destination / recipient(s) numbers
(use , to separate numbers)
message Yes The content of the message to be sent
token Yes Token from my-account page after login
media No Optional – Link (url) of MMS media file
(must end with file extension. example .jpg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, etc)

Success Response

success: true
Content Type: application/json
Output format:
created_at":"2020-05-21 06:28:18pm","user_limit":"4"}

Failed Response

success: false
Content Type: application/json
Output format:
{"success":"false","error":"invalid parameters","status":"failed","id":"",